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Birthday Jello?

I’m really tired tonight, so I’ll try to make this clear, but I’m afraid I will fail miserably… just a warning. 😉

In my last post I mentioned looking for a gluten-free no-bake cheesecake recipe for my brothers birthday. Well, I didn’t really find anything that didn’t require a baked crust or things like coolwhip as the main filling ingredient, which I wanted to avoid, because that is not cheesecake to me. After a long brainstorming session, my brother finally suggested our Mom’s (Famous) Strawberry Jello (since we recently found out that Jello is gluten free) and it was perfect. We brought it to our weekly Bible study for dessert and they enjoyed it. 🙂

My Mom makes this recipe for most dish-to-pass events and special occasions like Christmas. Mom drains the strawberry and pineapple juices into a bowl and saves it for us as a special treat.

Strawberry Jello

1 pkg. (6-oz.) strawberry gelatin

1 c. boiling water

2 (10-oz.) pkgs. frozen strawberries, thawed

2 (20-oz.) cans crushed pineapple, drained

6 bananas, mashed

1 (16-oz.) sour cream

In a bowl, dissolve gelatin in water. Stir in strawberries, pineapple, an bananas. Poor half of the mixture into Jello mold. Refrigerate for 1/2 hour. Spread sour cream over the Jello. Spoon remaining gelatin mixture over top. Refrigerate until set.

Note: I am sensing that there is a step missing from the directions. I’ll speak with my Mom about it in the morning. We’re making it tomorrow for a tea party we’re having this weekend.

Also, I’ve edited my about me page to include a miniaturized version of my gluten-free tale to date and a little bit more about me in general.


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My new favorite drink…

This hardly counts as a recipe, but my favorite drink lately has been a mug of hot milk with honey stirred in.  The warm milk is comforting and the honey adds a pleasant spiciness to it.

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